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Nestled conveniently near the renowned Mutholath Auditorium, Impact Centre invites you to a modern establishment catering to all your accommodation and event needs. Whether you’re attending events at the auditorium, visiting Kerala for a temporary stay, or seeking a tranquil space for retreats and seminars, Impact Centre offers the perfect solution.

Unforgettable Experiences with Exceptional Facilities: At Impact Centre, your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our facility boasts:

  • Air-conditioned rooms for the ultimate relaxation.
  • Conference halls facilitating productive gatherings and meetings.
  • A serene chapel for moments of reflection and prayer.
  • An immersive audio-visual theater for captivating experiences.

Comfort, Convenience, and Compassion: The establishment of Impact Centre emerged from the demand for additional lodging options in Mutholath Nagar. Our dedication lies in providing elegant rooms complemented by delectable meals and efficient transportation, ensuring a comfortable experience for both local and distant guests.

Embrace the Impact – Our Charitable Initiatives: Choosing Impact Centre means making a difference. Our charitable endeavors empower and assist differently-abled individuals through the support of the Good Samaritan Centre and Agape Bhavan. Every reservation at Impact Centre contributes to this meaningful cause.

Why Choose Impact Centre?

  • Convenient Location: Positioned along the Ettumanoor – Pala highway and near Mutholath Auditorium, Impact Centre offers unrivaled accessibility.
  • Scenic Beauty: Marvel at the mesmerizing view of the Meenachil river from the back of our building.
  • Comfortable Accommodation: Indulge in air-conditioned rooms, recreation spaces, and thoughtfully designed facilities tailored to your comfort.
  • Convenient Amenities: Enjoy comprehensive services, including food and transportation, ensuring a hassle-free stay.
  • Affordable Rates: Experience excellence without compromising your budget. Impact Centre offers budget-friendly rates for lodging and services.

Make Impact Centre Your Home Away From Home: When planning your visit to Kerala, choose Impact Centre as your premier lodging option. Whether you’re attending events, hosting seminars, or seeking relaxation, our warm and welcoming ambiance awaits you. Book your reservation today and immerse yourself in the profound impact of staying with us. Embrace the fusion of modern comfort and compassionate service at Impact Centre.


In response to the increasing demand for accommodation facilities, the idea of Impact Centre took shape. While the Good Samaritan Centre provided some lodging, there was a clear need for additional rooms for camps and residential stays, especially for those reserving Mutholath Auditorium for wedding preparations or visiting from abroad for a few weeks. Recognizing these needs, Fr. Abraham Mutholath generously offered to contribute to the construction of Impact Centre.On October 27, 2019, His Grace Mar Mathew Moolakkatt laid the foundation stone for the building. Despite facing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, construction progressed under the guidance of Vicar General Fr. Michael Vettikkatt, Diocesan Director Fr. Alex Akkapparambil, KSSS director Fr. Sunil Perumanoor, and under the supervision of Fr. James Vadakkekandamkariyil.On December 13, 2020, Impact Centre, Cherpunkal, was blessed and inaugurated by Mar Mathew Moolakkatt. The event was graced by Mr. Thomas Chazhikadan MP, and Mr. Mons Joseph MLA delivered a speech on this momentous occasion.The second and final stage of the Impact Centre’s construction is nearing completion, and it will be blessed on July 27, 2023, by His Grace Mar Mathew Moolakkatt.Since its inauguration, Impact Centre has evolved into a haven for those seeking well-furnished, air-conditioned rooms with food and transportation facilities, fulfilling the vision of comfort and convenience for all guests.

Impact Centre is the ideal choice for you if you are seeking a high-end venue for camps, seminars, or temporary lodging.


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Mission Statement:

    At Impact Centre, our mission is to be the contemporary retreat and event haven of choice, providing unforgettable experiences and exceptional facilities to guests seeking comfort, convenience, and compassion. We are committed to serving as a catalyst for positive change through our charitable initiatives, empowering differently-abled individuals and making a difference in our community. With a focus on affordability and warm, compassionate service, we strive to offer a home away from home, where modern comfort meets profound impact.

Vision Statement:

    Our vision at Impact Centre is to be the leading and preferred lodging and event venue in the Mutholath Nagar area and beyond. We aim to create an ambiance of tranquility and scenic beauty, complemented by versatile spaces, state-of-the-art facilities, and thoughtful amenities. As we continue to grow, we envision expanding our charitable initiatives, making a broader and lasting positive impact on the lives of differently-abled individuals and the community at large. Through our commitment to excellence, compassion, and accessibility, we seek to be a beacon of inspiration, setting new standards in hospitality and contributing to a more inclusive and caring society.


    • Welcome to Impact Centre – Your Modern Lodging and Event Haven: Discover a comfortable and convenient stay at Impact Centre, offering air-conditioned rooms for temporary living. Choose from fifteen well-appointed rooms suitable for individuals or families, equipped with modern facilities to ensure a pleasant experience.

      Versatile Spaces for Memorable Events: Host successful gatherings in our air-conditioned dining hall accommodating up to 75 guests or our conference hall with a seating capacity of 75. Need more space? We have an additional hall with a capacity for 100 attendees, perfect for special occasions.

      Moments of Reflection and Worship: Find solace in our serene chapel, providing a peaceful space for prayer and Holy Mass. Elevator and wheelchair accessibility enhance convenience for all our guests.

      Ease of Access and Ample Parking: Enjoy hassle-free arrival with ample parking facilities available at Impact Centre. Our convenient location along the Ettumanoor – Pala road ensures easy access for all attendees.

      Scenic Beauty and Nearby Attractions: Indulge in breathtaking views of the mesmerizing Meenachil river at the back of our building, adding to the allure of your stay. Explore nearby attractions, including Mutholath Auditorium, churches, and prominent institutions in the area.

      Enhanced Facilities at Good Samaritan Centre: Attached to Impact Centre, the Good Samaritan Centre offers additional amenities, including a dining hall with 100 seats, a hall with 200 seats, five rooms, and two dormitories with 100 beds for camps.

Make Impact Centre Your Ideal Retreat and Event Venue: Whether you need temporary lodging or a venue for your special events, Impact Centre is here to meet your needs. Experience modern comfort, accessible spaces, and scenic beauty at our premier establishment. Book your stay or event with us today and embrace a seamless experience at Impact Centre.

Timeline Impact Centre

Inauguration of the first stage of the Impact Centre building.

On December 13, 2020, the first phase of the Impact Centre was blessed and inaugurated by Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakkatt.

The conveniences offered at Impact Centre are designed to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all guests. Nestled conveniently near the renowned Mutholath Auditorium, our prime location offers unrivaled accessibility, making it effortless for attendees to reach their desired destination. Whether you are attending events at the auditorium or exploring the beautiful attractions of Kerala, Impact Centre serves as the perfect hub for your temporary stay. Our modern and well-appointed air-conditioned rooms provide the ultimate relaxation, ensuring that you feel at home away from home.

At Impact Centre, we understand the importance of versatile spaces for various gatherings and events. With air-conditioned conference halls accommodating up to 75 and 100 guests respectively, as well as a dining hall with a seating capacity of 75, hosting successful and productive gatherings is a breeze. Our serene chapel offers a tranquil space for moments of reflection and prayer, accessible to all guests with elevator and wheelchair facilities. Whether you are planning a corporate event, seminar, or a personal celebration, our flexible and well-equipped event venues cater to your specific needs.

The conveniences at Impact Centre extend beyond the boundaries of our establishment. Our commitment to charitable initiatives sets us apart, allowing guests to make a difference with every reservation. By choosing Impact Centre, you actively support our efforts in empowering and assisting differently-abled individuals through our association with the Good Samaritan Centre and Agape Bhavan. Additionally, the picturesque view of the Meenachil river at the back of our building adds to the scenic beauty, providing a refreshing and captivating experience during your stay. Embrace the fusion of comfort, compassion, and accessibility at Impact Centre, where your convenience and making a positive impact go hand in hand.

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