Welcome to Mutholath Auditorium and Impact Centre, an exquisite haven nestled in the heart of Mutholath Nagar, Cherpunkal, Kottayam District. Our picturesque venue is exclusively designed to host extraordinary and unforgettable events.
    Step into the charm of Mutholath Auditorium and let the scenic beauty of the Meenachil river be the enchanting backdrop for your special occasions. From grand banquets to public meetings, conferences, and everything in between, our expansive and easily accessible venue guarantees a seamless event experience.
    For your convenience and comfort, the adjacent Impact Centre offers contemporary accommodation, state-of-the-art conference facilities, and transportation options. We are committed to making your stay both enjoyable and affordable.
    Beyond the exceptional amenities, your support of Mutholath Auditorium and Impact Centre contributes to the noble cause of the Good Samaritan Centre for children with visual and hearing impairments, and Agape Bhavan for people with physical and mental difficulties. Together, we are dedicated to serving individuals with disabilities and their families under the guidance of the esteemed Kottayam Social Service Society.
    Experience the perfect blend of sophistication, compassion, and modernity at Mutholath Auditorium and Impact Centre. Create unforgettable memories while making a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need. Welcome to a place where events are more than gatherings – they are moments of transformation and solidarity.


We take pride in being the first auditorium in the entire state of Kerala to implement the cutting-edge Induct VU-C Disinfection System, Pureosoul, in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the prestigious CSIR-CSIO. On June 9, 2021, our commitment to your well-being was further reinforced when Mutholath Auditorium was officially approved and certified by the esteemed Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. With our rigorous safety measures and adherence to the highest standards, we ensure that your event experiences remain not only extraordinary but also safe.


A Premier Venue with a Meaningful Impact

Welcome to Mutholath Auditorium, a spacious and elegant venue that caters to a variety of events. Whether you’re planning a banquet, public meeting, conference, or any other gathering, our state-of-the-art facility offers an unparalleled experience. Nestled by the breathtaking Meenachil river, the natural splendor enhances the ambiance, making your occasions truly memorable.

Features and Amenities:

  • Spacious main hall with seating capacity for 650 guests.
  • Open lower level for added flexibility.
  • Modern sound systems for exceptional audio quality.
  • Versatile decoration and illumination options.
  • Additional meeting rooms and a chapel available.
  • Wheelchair accessibility for enhanced convenience.
  • Ample parking facilities for hassle-free arrival.
  • Air-conditioned rooms for temporary stays.

Meaningful Impact: Choosing Mutholath Auditorium goes beyond event hospitality; it directly supports two noble causes. We contribute to the Good Samaritan Centre and Agape Bhavan, helping children with visual and hearing impairments and individuals with disabilities. Your event at our venue makes a positive change in the lives of those in need.


Your Ultimate Lodging and Events Destination

If you’re seeking a contemporary and convenient place to stay or host events near the renowned Mutholath Auditorium, look no further than Impact Centre. Whether you’re visiting Kerala for a short trip, attending events at the auditorium, or searching for a serene venue for retreats and seminars, Impact Centre has everything you need.

Unforgettable Experiences with Exceptional Facilities: At Impact Centre, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction. Our facility boasts:

  • Cozy air-conditioned rooms for your relaxation.
  • Conference halls to ensure productive and successful events and meetings.
  • A serene chapel for moments of prayer and meditation.
  • An immersive audio-visual theater for entertainment and education.

Comfort, Convenience, and Compassion: Impact Centre was established to address the growing demand for lodging options in Mutholath Nagar. We are committed to providing elegant rooms, delectable meals, and reliable transportation, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for both local and distant guests.

Make a Difference with Impact Centre – Our Charitable Initiatives: Choosing Impact Centre means making a positive impact. Our charity work supports the Good Samaritan Centre and Agape Bhavan, empowering and assisting differently-abled individuals. Every booking at Impact Centre contributes to this noble cause.

Book Your Stay at Impact Centre Today: When planning your trip to Kerala, make Impact Centre your preferred lodging option. Whether you’re here for events, seminars, or relaxation, we provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for you. Reserve your room today and experience the profound impact of staying with us. Discover the perfect blend of modern comfort and compassionate service at Impact Centre.



Don’t wait any longer. Contact us today to book your reservation and let us handle the rest.We are excited to welcome you to Mutholath Auditorium, where your event will be a memorable one!

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  • Tel: + 91 828 161 0603
  • E-mail: itsmesherink@gmail.com

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